I also very much realized I had not one, but TWO blog post drafts from the last 4 years haunting my archives. Will they ever see the light of day? Would it be super awkward to post something about Cinco turning 1 when he’s now 4-&-a-half? Who’s to say?

Anyway, word on the street is Blogging is Back & overly optimistic promises of content delivery are about to be very in vogue a la NY resolutions so y’all might just be in for, like, one more blog post before I fade into the cyber-ether again…how exciting!

For now, let’s just chew the bite I’ve proverbially taken by actually committing to posting this & seeing where we go, yeah? YEAH!

Here’s a recent family photo & a tiny update on our life:

Osborne family, Autumn 2022

Skye is 6, Cinco is 4, & Jack is 2. All are halfway to their next age which is an important detail for the under-18 crowd.

We are (still) living in Germany with the US Army & have spent the last (almost) 4 years traveling & eating exactly as much schnitzel as you imagine. We’ve hit a dozen countries so far—single handedly supporting Airbnb until we tried family camping for the first time this summer! We’re sold! Hopefully next year will either bring us back to the US or take us on even more European adventures in a tent.

& that’s it. Update complete. I mean, I can’t tell you everything, that would take FOUR YEARS.

Let’s agree to meet back here in the New Year full of resolve (me) & skeptical optimism (you) that this will be a regular thing again soon.

Merry Christmas to you & yours from me & mine! & a Happy New Year!

love, the osbornes


8 thoughts on “Guys…I heard blogging is back.

  1. Well this just filled my heart tonight. So happy to hear your always-hilariously-thoughtful post. It’s been too long. Your family is beautiful and Skye is so grown! So much love from Seattle – The Pohans


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