Guys…I heard blogging is back.

FeaturedGuys…I heard blogging is back.

I also very much realized I had not one, but TWO blog post drafts from the last 4 years haunting my archives. Will they ever see the light of day? Would it be super awkward to post something about Cinco turning 1 when he’s now 4-&-a-half? Who’s to say?

Anyway, word on the street is Blogging is Back & overly optimistic promises of content delivery are about to be very in vogue a la NY resolutions so y’all might just be in for, like, one more blog post before I fade into the cyber-ether again…how exciting!

For now, let’s just chew the bite I’ve proverbially taken by actually committing to posting this & seeing where we go, yeah? YEAH!

Here’s a recent family photo & a tiny update on our life:

Osborne family, Autumn 2022

Skye is 6, Cinco is 4, & Jack is 2. All are halfway to their next age which is an important detail for the under-18 crowd.

We are (still) living in Germany with the US Army & have spent the last (almost) 4 years traveling & eating exactly as much schnitzel as you imagine. We’ve hit a dozen countries so far—single handedly supporting Airbnb until we tried family camping for the first time this summer! We’re sold! Hopefully next year will either bring us back to the US or take us on even more European adventures in a tent.

& that’s it. Update complete. I mean, I can’t tell you everything, that would take FOUR YEARS.

Let’s agree to meet back here in the New Year full of resolve (me) & skeptical optimism (you) that this will be a regular thing again soon.

Merry Christmas to you & yours from me & mine! & a Happy New Year!

love, the osbornes

It’s As Easy as 1, 2…4!

It’s As Easy as 1, 2…4!

Welcome to the Blue Chair Series, Pt. 2!

Here you will find adorable monthly progress photos of little Cinco’s life…except for month 3 because we are fighting the hard battles over here & WE’RE NOT ALWAYS WINNING. Sometimes napping & toddlers are winning & that’s just fine because falling off the self-imposed Monthly Progress Photos in the Blue Chair Series wagon at month 3 with your second child IS NOT AN OVERALL INDICATOR OF HOW WELL YOU’RE PARENTING, OK?! Sometimes, keeping the faith & keeping calm just means keeping them alive and stuff. Sometimes, you had it all planned out & the laundry just LIVES in the basket now…ahem, I mean, the photo session just doesn’t happen.

The good news is, month 4 is here to prove to us all that he’s still actually growing & changing & breaking my HEART with how big he’s getting & how cute he is. & while we’re at it, I decided to create side by sides of he & Skye BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T WANT TO REMEMBER THAT SWEETNESS?? (if you just replied, “Uh, me.” I lovingly invite you to leave this cyberspace because there’s literally no other reason to be here that I can tell so far.)

Another thing that I feel should be pointed out at this juncture is that this amazing, beautiful, darling, vintage blue chair was a wedding gift from the one & only Geege/Theresa & little did either of us know that it would be home to my favorite tradition. (I know you advised against taking it on the boat to Japan, but aren’t we both glad I didn’t listen to you??) THANK YOU!

M  O  N  T  H    O  N  E
may first, two-thousand eighteen

The whole first month with this boy was a dream that I relive over & over in my mind. What a sweet time. Our whole birth experience meeting this little guy was nothing short of amazing. Is there any interest in a Birth Story post? Comment below if so. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m happy to share if enough people are interested. Otherwise, make sure to ask me if you see me (or email me!) because it’s one I love to tell.

This month’s photo was taken around 10pm when I remembered “today is the day!”, but we were in the car about to head to Florida so Cinco could meet his paternal granddaddy & the man I married said, “NOPE. We’re turning around. It’s worth it.” AND HE DROVE US BACK TO THE HOUSE. (granted, we had just pulled out of the driveway & made the first turn, BUT STILL.) Tradition saved. Mama happy. Sign missing. Baby grumpy. #worthit

M  O  N  T  H    T  W  O
june first, two-thousand eighteen

If you’re like me, you’re looking at the these two photos & are floored at the difference between these two. I NEVER would’ve called Skye a roly poly baby, but Cinco is taking tiny to a whole new level. Also, the difference between his month one & month two… WHAT??!! It’s also about this time that I realized the lighting in our two houses is SUPER different & the color of the chair is washed out. Mental note to work on my camera settings. Second mental note to not overshare what’s in my head when I’m writing this blog. Moving on…

M  O  N  T  H    T  H  R  E  E
july first, two-thousand eighteen

Ah yes, the moment that solidified Cinco’s second child status; aka, the month I completely forgot to take the 3 month photo. One day he’ll look back through these & say, “So that was it, huh? It only took 3 months for the newness to wear off & for MY monthly photos to get the boot on the priority list?” And I’ll look into his young, innocent, beautiful, blue eyes & say, “100%. Yes.”

M  O  N  T  H    F  O  U  R
august first, two-thousand eighteen

These four-month-old babies make me so so happy. Look at those grins! These past four months have been magical…and also messy & sleepless, so it could be the delirium causing the hazy glow in my memories, but I’m pretty sure this is what all the older moms are talking about when they recall the good ol’ days, diapers, dimples, tantrums, teething, snuggles, smiles & all.

If you came here for the cute babes & nothing more, feel free to move on from here, but if you came with the understanding that I OBSERVE NO RULES in the blogging department, then feel free to stick around for this next segment entitled:

(who has a fabulous blog for all things books/reading
10 outta 10; would recommend to a friend)

Hannah is my dear sister-in-LOVE & she recently (if you call over a month ago “recent.” I’m sorry, Hannah!) tagged me in a post on her blog asking questions about my reading habits (which are seriously lacking these days), but it served to inspire me to dig back in to prioritizing some good reading & I’m soaking up the afternoon nap-time quiet.

1. Do you re-read books? What was the last book you re-read?

Usually, the answer to this is a hard no for me. I just…get bored? I don’t know. Other than the Bible, I don’t find a good deal of books worth it, with the notable exception of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series. I LOVE these books & Anne Shirley is a forever friend. Every stage of life brings me back to that sacred ground in Prince Edward Island (which Oakie & I visited on our first anniversary).

2. What book are you most proud of finishing?

100% Les Misérables. It was long & laborious, but also remarkable & worth every bit of its literary stature.

3. What are some of your hobbies aside from reading?

Writing this blog, baking & anything crafty. From watercolor to sewing, I love a good project that I can then give away or display in my own home!

4. What is your favorite read (so far) of 2018? Least favorite?

Favorite read so far is Sally Clarkson’s Mission of Motherhood. Both of her books that I’ve read so far are phenomenal & she has so many more that I want to read. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for solid spiritual wisdom on living your life to the fullest.

Least favorite: Swamplandia. I know, I know. A lot of people love this book, but it just…didn’t do it for me. I’m willing to say that it could’ve been the stage of life I was in when I read it (36 weeks pregnant), buuuutttt, I just honestly didn’t enjoy it.

5. Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks all the way. I have bookmarks that I’ve had for YEARS. They always remind me of a season of life I was in when I got them. That being said, not all my bookmarks are made for that purpose. One of my faves is a receipt from Hiro’s Pie Factory–our favorite bakery in Japan. I’m getting it laminated next week so I don’t destroy it with all the shuffling from book to book.

6. Who are your read-everything-they-ever-wrote favorite authors?

Ummmm…this is going to be disappointing. No one. I don’t have an author that I follow that closely. I mean…I like Dan Brown (sue me). I’ve read almost all of his books with the exception of three (that I know of). If you were to ask me that question about any entertainment celeb, my answer would be no one EXCEPT Taylor Swift about whom I can confidently say that I’ve heard every single thing she’s ever put out there. Otherwise, woof. I’m not dedicated enough. There, I said it. *shrugs shoulders*


And that concludes our little update on Baby Oz turned Cinco. I’m so glad you stopped in. I often wish this were happening over a hot cup of coffee or tea with a candle lit on the table so I could then ask you for YOUR life update. I definitely will, next time I see you.

Until then…

the osbornes

Welcome Home, Baby Oz!

This title is a double entendre (I have never typed that word, but I now feel VERY accomplished as a writer) because we welcomed Baby Oz earth-side & into his actual home very recently!

Allow me to elaborate (aka the most succinct title if I had to give my blog a new, more honest name):
Nathan Oakley Osborne, V was born April 1st, 2018 at 5:50am, weighing in at 7lbs, 8oz & was 21.5 inches long.

Yes, you are remembering correctly, that WAS Easter Sunday AND April Fools’ Day! I announced this birth on IG (that’s what all the cool kids are calling Instagram. Go & do likewise.) in a rather nonchalant way. The following are all the of not-so-nonchalant birth announcements that didn’t make the cut:

In the category of Most Obnoxious:
We had Baby Oz!
It’s a boy!
His name is Nathan Oakley Osborne, V & we’re calling him Cinco!
He weighed 7lbs 8oz & was 21.5in long!
It’s actually a girl whom we’re calling APRIL FOOLS’ DAY OSBORNE!
It really is a boy & the above information is correct.
Happy Easter! #heisrisen #bestaprilfoolsinhistory

In the category of Most Clever If We Could Have Pulled It Off:
[insert photo of me holding two babies]
Oakie was right! It WAS twins!!!
Introducing Axel Rose & Axel Rod Osborne born April FOOLS’ DAY!!!!
[insert correct information about Cinco]
*all credit for this idea goes to Theresa Garcia Robertson
*all blame for this not happening goes to all the pregnant women who did NOT have their babies on the same day as me at St. Francis

In the category of My Personal Favorite:
Friends, colleagues, fellow countrymen, I just wanted to inform you that our only begotten son was born on April 1st, 2018–this Lord’s Day that we are celebrating Easter Sunday. As our Saviour went to the cross on Good Friday, so I went into labor on Good Friday & as He rose again from the dead to new life on Easter morning, so I brought new life into the world on Easter morning. And we say together with the saints, “Behold, the Womb is empty!” #heisrisen #bestaprilfoolsinhistory
[insert correct information about Cinco]
*all credit for the punchline goes to Randy Robertson

Now without further ado:

This newborn session was with one of my new favorite people, Jennifer Corcoran, who perfectly captured our crazy, beautiful family just as it is right now. It will change, grow, and look different in the future, but these images will forever have captured how I see us right now. Thank God for gorgeous photography & the artists who do it well.



Right after this shoot, Oakie left for SERE school for 3 weeks. This sweet boy did him the favor of not changing all that much while he was gone & today he turns one month old. Fear not, for those who enjoyed the Blue Chair Series of Skye’s first year will love the continuation of the Series with Cinco. Stay tuned for his very first Blue Chair photo!

Cinco, we’re so glad you’re here.


Until next time!

the osbornes

Welcome back…to myself (Part 2)

Welcome back…to myself (Part 2)

In case this is your first visit, this is a follow up to Part 1 wherein we explored Summer & Autumn in the Osbornes’ life.
“It was thrilling, informative & just the right amount of funny.” -Real Life Reviewer
“10 out of 10. Would recommend to a friend.” -Another Completely Real Life Reviewer
“There were too many photos…” -A More Honest Real Life Reviewer

w    i    n    t    e    r
(the one where they didn’t change costumes for the shoot & you started to notice)


Winter in Alabama is actually exactly what you would expect from winter. There was even a small amount of snow! About the same amount as is pictured in the above Winter episode poster. And our faces were about the same as well…it’s just that WE WORE JACKETS.

Anyway, I spent most of my pre-Christmas winter directing a sweet Christmas show down at Southern Broadway called The Christmas Gift. It’s a period piece about a Massachusetts orphanage at the end of WWI. It had all the sweetness & nostalgia of a classic story, with a clever twist at the end. It was my inaugural directing venture & it was a delightful challenge. The cast was cooperative & talented & the company directors & writer were exceedingly kind to allow me the reins of their art. I learned so much about directing, storytelling & the magic of theatre from a different perspective. Plus, I got to teach Zip Zap Zop to a whole new group of kids, so that alone was worth it all.

We spent a good deal of time with GA family during this time as well (which I know is technically Autumn, but I kinda forgot to add these photos because PREGNANCY).

Also, my sister, Mary Lou & I are BOTH pregnant & it’s just the cutest sister thing I’ve ever done. Isn’t she ADORABLE?? These were all taken over Thanksgiving weekend which as you can tell was an absolute blast. Being close to family takes the edge off of all the amazing friends, sites & events we miss about Japan. Isn’t it just the best problem to have so many blessings scattered ’round the world? It makes me think of Pooh Bear:


SIDEBAR THAT I ASK YOU TO FORGIVE ON ACCOUNT OF ME BEING THE *MOST* PREGNANT: We’re staying at my folks’ place while we finish waiting for Baby Oz & I found our copy of the Winnie the Pooh treasury & we’ve been reading aloud from it each night to Skye & I just cannot wait to share it & all the other treasures known as books with my little family as we learn how to be brave, honest & kind by reading stories about characters who are all those things & more. One of my favorite things is watching Skye sit down with a book & “read” it to herself out loud because, if nothing else, I am doing one thing right if she thinks that’s fun. Praise the Lord, who chose stories to share His love for the world & continues to lead us in ours as we enjoy the beauty of all the rest. END OF SIDEBAR. LOVE, THE TEARY PREGNANT LADY IN THE BACK.

After the show closed, we spent our Christmas break down in sunny Florida where we got to catch up with so many sweet friends & family members & enjoy being warm over the holidays.

Then it was back to normal life in Alabama, taking the pup & babe for evening walks, doing all the research on having a biological baby & reading the #1 best book on it that I’ve found: Holy Labor.



P.S. When we pack up & travel it always looks like this, whether it’s for a day or a month:IMG_6324I literally love it.

Also, guys, I know this is a lot of photos…it’s just there are SO MANY GOOD ONES. But not too many becasue that’s not a thing *cough* looking at you, honest reviewer *cough*

Yes, that’s our daughter in the freezer (she loves ice) & yes, that’s her in a box (she loves squares) & yes, that’s her hanging from a pull-up bar (she loves muscles). Just a little glimpse into our everyday. hope you’ve enjoyed:)

s    p    r    i    n    g
(the one where Rory has never handled live flowers before AKA the worst one yet)


Spring has been a season of waiting for the Osbornes. Oakie finished up the first half of his flight school & is waiting for a SERE slot (look it up if you’re interested enough to ask) which will happen after the baby comes. We’re waiting FOR the baby to come. And after all that, we’ll be waiting to find out what airframe Oakie will fly which will largely determine where in the world we move to as a fledgling family of four come the end of this year.

If you travelled with us through our season of adoption in the last almost 2 years (whaaaa????), you know that we’re familiar with waiting. It’s become a rhythm of our lives as we journey through. Waiting has produced patience, patience perseverance & perseverance the strength to find joy along the way. Our waiting muscles are strong & we are soaking up every moment of this waiting, knowing that sooner or later, all things come to pass & you find yourself looking around the next bend. Life doesn’t happen around the next bend, friends. It happens while you’re waiting. It’s not a new thought, but it’s a challenging practice. Maybe someone needs to hear that.

Here are a few ways we’ve spent our season of spring…and waiting:

First of all, looking at photos of this sweet babe. I am so excited to nuzzle that little nose, mouth, chin combo! (Oakie thinks these are a little creepy; if you share that sentiment, I’m sincerely sorry to subject you to it.)


Next, a short series I’ve titled Skye in Containers:

We’ve also been spending a lot of time in our sweet backyard snapping all the candids & selfies because the photos only snag a glimpse of the magic & I like to frame as much magic as my walls can hold.

We’ve also been exploring pigtails, motorcycle gear & our Sunday best trying to find Skye’s aesthetic. I vote all three.

Lastly, we made the move to Columbus to have Baby Oz in my hometown. My sister, Theresa, threw Mary Lou & me the baby shower of the century:


We celebrated Oakie’s March birthday in his favorite way: just the three (four) of us sharing a picnic in the middle of nowhere & eating out together at Cracker Barrel. #classyand29

Since then, we’ve been enjoying the sunny countdown days to Baby Oz (which they tell me will have to be by Saturday/early Sunday morning at the latest)! Next time you hear from me, we’ll have a tiny babe to add to this Mowgli Baby & her best friend, Remy.


Until then,

love from the osbornes


Welcome back…to myself (Part 1)

GUYS. I’m here. I’ve been MIA since this kid turned one & looked like this…IMG_4940

Now, she’s ALMOST 2 & looks like this:



THAT HAIRRRRRR. As you might’ve guessed she’s only gotten more delightful, hilarious & quirky (three of my favorite human attributes). When we left Japan, she was juuuust learning to walk, but within two weeks of being stateside, she was basically running. I credit all the family support & the carpeting at Auntie Hannah’s house.

In the way of an update, this post will be a quick rundown of Osborne life from leaving Japan to making our home in Sweet Home Alabama (insert guitar riff you’ll be humming for the next hour. YAWELCOME.) I’ll be taking a chapter from Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life and giving seasonal updates because, let’s be honest: it’s the only chapter we need to be taking from that tack-on series. Yeah, I said it. And I know you’re thinking, “Caroline, there are so many other seasonally themed things you could use like Hobby Lobby’s entryway displays or Starbucks’ rotating coffee syrups!” But as author of this blog, I get to make the choices. #sorrynotsorryIMG_6626

We spent the last few weeks in Japan soaking up our sweet routine, which OF COURSE involved Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune each evening with Daddy. This routine continued in Alabama once we figured out the local broadcasting schedule & set up our whale skeleton antennae. (That’s what it’s called, right, honey? Honey?) I’ve fallen in love with local news–looking at you Allison & Dillon. Those updates on the happenings in the Wiregrass keep me GOING from 6-7pm CST. AND THE FADE OUT BANTER? Don’t even get me started…

In our final week, we also spent a lot of time saying goodbye to friends; true heart friends that made this the hardest place to leave that I’ve ever left.




How do you put into words the love you’ve built for 19 months? How do you say goodbye to friends you’ve done life with for all that time? How do you solve a problem like Maria?  Whoops. Joke. Coping mechanism for deep emotion. Just call me Chandler.
In short, we love you guys. We miss you. We’ll always look forward to the next time. lovelovelove.

We also took some time to say goodbye to Fuji san…the morning of our flight…because I’M NOT CRAZY. *YOU’RE* CRAZY. I felt like leaving without a family picture in front of the most iconic symbol for Japan would be akin to visiting Paris & saying, “I’ll see the Eiffel Tower next time…” As my good friend Riley once said in the greatest film of all time (National Treasure): “It’s not that it shouldn’t be done, Ben. It can’t be done.” I feel confident my family will thank me for the 5am, hour plus long drive and camera-tripod-self-timer-mania later. Maybe MUCH later, but I’ll never stop waiting. I feel a little like I channeled some Jill Osborne on this & for that, I couldn’t be more proud.


Sayonara, Fuji san. Sayonara, Nihon. Goodbye, Japan.

The home where I became a mama, we became a family of three
& we made some of the best memories & friends I never knew I needed.

A   N   D      H   E   L   L   O      A   M   E   R   I   C   A   !   !   !

Home of my childhood, home of the brave
& new home to our growing family.



s    u    m    m    e    r
(the one where you can tell Rory has never waved a tiny American flag IN HER LIFE.)


Our summer was spent transitioning to American and Alabamian life with pool days galore & lots of moving in. We spent some time in our mountain haven & lots of time with family & friends we hadn’t seen in a while. It looked a little like this:


Oh, and we got a new pup because we just couldn’t wait any longer! He & Skye are best buddies & have been since day one. We needed this guy in our lives & we’re so happy he’s here. Hello Remus, successor to Romulus, aka Remy!

Who now looks like THIS…


…because YES I KNOW I haven’t blogged in months & kids & puppies grow leaps & bounds in that time. This particular blog post is for people who really love those HGTV Before & After reveals.
The rest of the summer was a blur of morning sickness, backyard pool days, crazy good tans & grilling out. It looked a little bit like this:

Uncle Reagan met Skye, we celebrated the 4th of July in America for the first time with our new American citizen & we visited the Biltmore Estate. It was a summer for the books.

For those who don’t know, our move to Alabama was spurred by Oakie’s branch switch from Infantry to Aviation so he could fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot! We’ve gotten to see him fly a helicopter, make all the Top Gun references, call him an Ace Pilot from Day One & thoroughly enjoy helping him study to pass all his exams with flying colors (pun ABSOLUTELY intended) which he did, graduating number 1 in his class & I’m so proud of him, I could die.

a    u    t    u    m    n
(the one where I know they call it fall, but autumn is a magical word & I’ll never understand the poor substitution that “fall” is)


Autumn in Alabama is a lot like summer in Alabama. In fact, for most of the summer pictures, I’m not even 100% sure they were taken in that season, but IT HONESTLY DOESN’T EVEN MATTER because heat + pool + eventual coolness + insanely rapid digression into sweaters & hot beverages = just fine with me. #southernborn

During this sweetest of seasons, we announced our pregnancy to the world, got to know our new town in southern Alabama & enjoyed every last drop of summer weather. I also performed in a dinner theatre production in an adorable downtown theatre called Southern Broadway. It was a legal thriller called Juror #7 about a recent law school grad, Lindsey Walker, (me) who becomes embroiled in revealing & solving the scandal of the century for that small, southern town. For some fun photos of me making ridiculous faces (acting) & also looking like I know my way around a courtroom (extra acting), make your way over to the website with the above link. It was a true pleasure to return to the stage & we met the kind of friends that you know you’ll keep for a lifetime. I am just absolutely the most blessed to have found it & been invited to the table for a little theatre & some seriously amazing food.


(and yes, I WAS 5 months pregnant by the end of the run.
Yay for flexible costumers & baggy shirts!)

We completed the autumn season with another trip to our mountain haven just in time to see all the leaves change, fall & make room for new life. It was magical.

This seems like quite enough for one post, so check in later for Part 2: Winter & Spring as we count down to the blog post about Baby Oz being born (turns out the prerequisite for that IS Baby Oz being born).


love from Alabama,

the osbornes

Happy Birthday, Little Bear!

Happy Birthday, Little Bear!

Today, this growly, grinning girl turns one! Sometimes, I actually think someone formed a conspiracy to skip a month or two in there somewhere because it can’t literally have been an entire calendar year since this baby came into the world. But they assure me it has & all mamas feel this way. I guess I’m a card-carrying member of the Time Flies Club now (our mascot is a fly; I’m campaigning to get it at least to be animated, but they said I’m new here so just hush).


Yes, we let her stand on the chair. She has killer balance. & it’s her birthday.


We celebrated with this family. The Todds.
The family that made it all happen.
The family that made the phonecall & made us parents.
We wouldn’t be here without this family. God bless them. We love y’all.

Doesn’t she looks just SO happy about her birthday? I promise she was…

Although the delays have caused more waiting then my heart was prepared for, I feel it’s appropriate that she celebrate her first year here in Japan. How many birthdays will she get to have just a few miles down the road from where she was born? (For all I know, it could be tons, but just let me have this…)

As we approach this milestone, my heart is rent in two as I try to hold all of the feelings inside; feelings of joy & accomplishment, excitement & pride in all that she has become & will grow to be, but also the weight of what this day means for another sweet couple who remember this day a little differently…a lot differently. This is the other side of adoption. The side we don’t show to the cameras. The side we don’t talk about. Even now, I hesitate to relate the thoughts that take up space in my mind as I work through the complex emotions of this anniversary. There’s another family who is processing the reverse of these complex emotions; grief at the loss their family has experienced; joy at the outcome of their love-led decision: the best thing for this baby girl. The weight of their sacrifice will be borne through their years, just as it will through ours. We will always be commemorating this day in tandem. A parental parallel held loosely in life, but bound by the strongest cords of love.

How does one even begin to behold such magnitude? I find myself saying with Paul, “And who is sufficient for these things?” (2 Corinthians 2:14) When he penned those words, he was talking about a different kind of love…or maybe the same kind of love?  He was saying that our lives spent spreading the knowledge of Jesus are a Christ-like aroma fragrant to those who are being saved, but quite a different aroma to those who are being lost. To some, the way we live Christ-like lives will seem attractive & full of light, but to others it will seem senseless, naïve or worse.

I’ve seen a little of what he means just in this past year. Some reactions are full of delight & wonder at the story of God’s providence in our family’s lives. Others are critical, skeptical, insensitive; unmoved by the weight of the decision made by both families. And who is sufficient for such things? The answer, as you might have already guessed, is: Not me. Not Oakie. Not us. We stand here by the grace of God alone.  He has softened my heart with an empathy I’ve never before known; He has worked out in us a patience we could never have manufactured; He has led us graciously & slowly, giving us only each day as it comes, requiring of us a soul-deep trust in His goodness & faithfulness. And I feel certain, He has been walking another family through a similar faith-journey.

In the end, I see in our story an echo of The Story. Another Father who lost His child so that we could experience a love we had never known. Another Child who lost His Father so we would never be Fatherless. Another heart-wrenching sacrifice so the ones He loved best could live in the fullness of life.

I pray that within our lives, you sense the aroma of Christ that brings with it true Life. I pray that our cracks will allow His light to shine through all the more; that as the psalmist says, we will be like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day (Proverbs 4:18). We are the jars of clay; we are the moon reflecting the sun. It will never be us, but the One who is in us that will be worthy of your praise & adoration. May we only ever be the shadow that points to the substance.

love from Japan,
the Osbornes

P.S. For Skye’s first birthday, we’re asking friends & family to write Skye a letter or note that we will keep for her 18th birthday. Include anything you like; funny stories, advice, wisdom from your life, good knock-knock jokes, examples of handwriting/paper/stamps as those will be obsolete in the next two decades, really anything you’d want her to have as she launches into the world 18 years from now. (There are no degrees of separation here; if you know us, write us! And for the three people reading who don’t know us, but stumbled on this blog in cyberspace, I don’t want you to feel left out. You have good knock-knock jokes too! Write us!)

Mail them all to the following address:

Skye Elizabeth Osborne
c/o Dr. Paul M. Garcia
3612 Edgewood Road
Columbus, GA 31906

11 Months!

11 Months!

Well, of all the reasons for being late to post, this has got to be the best one: We spent all of Saturday on a much needed hike in the woods & the early parts of this week chasing down the final paperwork for Skye’s passport to return to the US with us!

We are now all set to apply for the Japanese passport as soon as Golden Week is over & expect to be ready to move to the visa phase in the following couple of weeks. This means there’s a really high likelihood that we’ll make our June report date! Praise the Lord from whom comes every good gift.

For all you Amazing Race fans, we would’ve made you proud. On Tuesday we got our first clue: Meet your attorney’s assistant at her office @ 4:10pm to get what you need for the next challenge.

Challenge: Make it from your attorney’s office on one side of Tokyo to the Minato-ku City Hall on the other side of Tokyo by closing time (5pm).

Our victory: Take a number at the appropriate window 2 minutes before they stop taking requests, have a wonderful bi-lingual friend to translate (thank you, Kaori!!) & get everything you need to apply for Skye’s passport.

Reward: A Travelocity sponsored dinner at an amazing Hawaiian restaurant. JK, it wasn’t sponsored by Travelocity…but it should’ve been.


And so are you. For Skye’s 11 Month photos:



This is her kiss-blowing pose…

After all that, a hike might seem commonplace, but for us, it was exactly what we needed. I’ve been reading about the effects of nature deprivation & I self-diagnosed. The prescription? A 3 hour, 8-mile hike around Lake Miyagase in the Mount Tanzawa range. Just what the doctor ordered!




Lastly, guys: This photo. Her hair is terrible. The face is…just…everything. & I don’t even know. I just flipping love it.


Love from Japan,
the osbornes

Easter In Japan

Easter In Japan

WARNING: THERE ARE GOING TO BE WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS IN THIS POST. you have been warned. (Moms of the 70s-90s with buckets of photos prints & no where to put them, I GET IT. Oakie is lucky we married in a digital age…)

This Easter has brought us to such a different place than last Easter, but we still went to the same park to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead with our church family here in Japan.IMG_6047

We saw many of the same smiling faces that we saw a year ago, but this year they were nearer & dearer to us; true friends. We sat under the same tree, but this year it was warm & sunny. (I forgot sweaters for Skye & myself & didn’t once need them.) We heard the same glorious story, but this time hearing about how God did all of this to adopt us into His family moved me in a completely new way. We even had similar picnic food, but this time we shared it with a teething ten-month-old.IMG_6127

Easter in Kinuta Park with Tokyo Horizon Chapel for the second year was everything I expected a year ago & nothing I could’ve dreamed.
We even had something a little extra to celebrate because on April 13th, Skye officially became an Osborne!


This moves us one step closer to concluding the adoption, but in the moment, I can’t express how little that seemed to matter. We had given her our name, like Oakie gave me his, like Christ gave us His. Her identity was transformed, like mine was when I married Oakie, like each of ours was when Christ rescued us. What’s in a name? Maybe not much, but also…maybe everything. One day, she will say, “I am Skye Elizabeth Osborne” & with that she’ll be saying she belongs with us. It’s bittersweet & it’s beautiful & it’s big. One of the biggest things I’ve ever been a part of. There’s not much else more central to who we are than the name we call ourselves & now, this little girl, our daughter, will call herself an Osborne. Just like me. Just like Oakie.

Currently, she is sitting in the screened patio door watching Oakie mow the yard while she plays with her toys. Every once in a while, she spies him & yells DADA & squeals while waving her squeaking squid toy like a maniac. The truth is that she already knows who she is. No name change could tell her more than the grin on that man’s face when he silently waves like a maniac right back at her above the roar of the lawn mower; but as she grows into that identity as his daughter, it’ll be helpful for her to have something to call it. & for us, it’s called being an Osborne. For you, it’s Smith or Jones or Garcia or Hancock. It’s the name we give our legacy; our section of the story. I pray that we tell it well; that one day the echoes of the angels will reverberate with the sound of the chapters we added to The Story. & I can’t tell you how happy I am that we got Skye.

(Like all good things do, this made me think of a musical number that you should take a pause in your day to watch if you want to know what the inside of my heart looks like today)


Just when it feels like we’re saying goodbye to Japan, we find out we may have another few weeks here. So, a secondary announcement, for all those awaiting our return: We’ll be here through May, most likely. As my sister Lou said, “Waiting is hard.” She’s right. It’s also #worthit. We know what’s on the other side & we’re leaning forward while at the same time, keeping our feet grounded in the roots we’ve cultivated here.
Here’s a glimpse at some of those roots:
Top photos: The owner at our all time favorite Japanese Café, Fukurouza, near Sagami Depot where Oakie works. It’s the cutest, most hipster-ly adorable place ever & they often play The Sound of Music soundtrack & that is just fine with me.


Bottom photo: Me sharing the Easter story while my friend Nozomi translates to a group of her English students. She & I met through PWOC (Protestant Women Of the Chapel–a fancy name for the women’s Bible study on post) & she asked me to come & give a little gospel presentation last Christmas & again this Easter. Delays have their upsides 🙂


Lastly, one of the greatest gifts of this sojourn to Japan is the adventurer that I get to do it all with. Isn’t that photo on the right SMOKIN’? This man is everything I could ask for & more. Kind, selfless, hilarious, confident, fearless & so full of energy that he can keep going when I want to quit. I could wax poetic, but I’ll spare you. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words & all that. I may have married him for his looks, but I really lucked out, didn’t I?


Love from Japan,
the Osborne family.

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10 Months!

It’s that time again & Skye was super not ready for her photo shoot. There may or may not have been tears & 47 deleted images including a mix of blurred smiles, almost falling off the chair & a fair amount of breaks to wipe a running nose. Apparently “sit still” is not in her growing vocabulary. However, “dada,” “mama,” & a handful of sign language signs are! She also high fives, waves “bye bye” & smiles on command.

*One of those is not true.

Skye’s fifth tooth is breaking through on the bottom & she’s hover-standing, but she’s still certain that crawling is the fastest way to get where she wants to go so walking seems to be on hold for now.



Things are moving right along over here. The cherry blossoms still haven’t made their highly anticipated appearance, but who better to be fashionably late than them? We’re expecting them next week!

Our adoption process is coming to a close & we are so excited to see the day every little thing is completed! We’re hoping to hit the states sometime in late April & as our time here ends, we find ourselves overcome with the bittersweet emotions indicative of a blessed experience. We have made friends, met more of the family of God & seen some of the most beautiful things on earth in our year-&-a-half-long sojourn in the Far East. What a true gift it has been to live in Japan.


Until then,
love from Japan!