Welcome to the Blue Chair Series, Pt. 2!

Here you will find adorable monthly progress photos of little Cinco’s life…except for month 3 because we are fighting the hard battles over here & WE’RE NOT ALWAYS WINNING. Sometimes napping & toddlers are winning & that’s just fine because falling off the self-imposed Monthly Progress Photos in the Blue Chair Series wagon at month 3 with your second child IS NOT AN OVERALL INDICATOR OF HOW WELL YOU’RE PARENTING, OK?! Sometimes, keeping the faith & keeping calm just means keeping them alive and stuff. Sometimes, you had it all planned out & the laundry just LIVES in the basket now…ahem, I mean, the photo session just doesn’t happen.

The good news is, month 4 is here to prove to us all that he’s still actually growing & changing & breaking my HEART with how big he’s getting & how cute he is. & while we’re at it, I decided to create side by sides of he & Skye BECAUSE WHO DOESN’T WANT TO REMEMBER THAT SWEETNESS?? (if you just replied, “Uh, me.” I lovingly invite you to leave this cyberspace because there’s literally no other reason to be here that I can tell so far.)

Another thing that I feel should be pointed out at this juncture is that this amazing, beautiful, darling, vintage blue chair was a wedding gift from the one & only Geege/Theresa & little did either of us know that it would be home to my favorite tradition. (I know you advised against taking it on the boat to Japan, but aren’t we both glad I didn’t listen to you??) THANK YOU!

M  O  N  T  H    O  N  E
may first, two-thousand eighteen

The whole first month with this boy was a dream that I relive over & over in my mind. What a sweet time. Our whole birth experience meeting this little guy was nothing short of amazing. Is there any interest in a Birth Story post? Comment below if so. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m happy to share if enough people are interested. Otherwise, make sure to ask me if you see me (or email me!) because it’s one I love to tell.

This month’s photo was taken around 10pm when I remembered “today is the day!”, but we were in the car about to head to Florida so Cinco could meet his paternal granddaddy & the man I married said, “NOPE. We’re turning around. It’s worth it.” AND HE DROVE US BACK TO THE HOUSE. (granted, we had just pulled out of the driveway & made the first turn, BUT STILL.) Tradition saved. Mama happy. Sign missing. Baby grumpy. #worthit

M  O  N  T  H    T  W  O
june first, two-thousand eighteen

If you’re like me, you’re looking at the these two photos & are floored at the difference between these two. I NEVER would’ve called Skye a roly poly baby, but Cinco is taking tiny to a whole new level. Also, the difference between his month one & month two… WHAT??!! It’s also about this time that I realized the lighting in our two houses is SUPER different & the color of the chair is washed out. Mental note to work on my camera settings. Second mental note to not overshare what’s in my head when I’m writing this blog. Moving on…

M  O  N  T  H    T  H  R  E  E
july first, two-thousand eighteen

Ah yes, the moment that solidified Cinco’s second child status; aka, the month I completely forgot to take the 3 month photo. One day he’ll look back through these & say, “So that was it, huh? It only took 3 months for the newness to wear off & for MY monthly photos to get the boot on the priority list?” And I’ll look into his young, innocent, beautiful, blue eyes & say, “100%. Yes.”

M  O  N  T  H    F  O  U  R
august first, two-thousand eighteen

These four-month-old babies make me so so happy. Look at those grins! These past four months have been magical…and also messy & sleepless, so it could be the delirium causing the hazy glow in my memories, but I’m pretty sure this is what all the older moms are talking about when they recall the good ol’ days, diapers, dimples, tantrums, teething, snuggles, smiles & all.

If you came here for the cute babes & nothing more, feel free to move on from here, but if you came with the understanding that I OBSERVE NO RULES in the blogging department, then feel free to stick around for this next segment entitled:

(who has a fabulous blog for all things books/reading
10 outta 10; would recommend to a friend)

Hannah is my dear sister-in-LOVE & she recently (if you call over a month ago “recent.” I’m sorry, Hannah!) tagged me in a post on her blog asking questions about my reading habits (which are seriously lacking these days), but it served to inspire me to dig back in to prioritizing some good reading & I’m soaking up the afternoon nap-time quiet.

1. Do you re-read books? What was the last book you re-read?

Usually, the answer to this is a hard no for me. I just…get bored? I don’t know. Other than the Bible, I don’t find a good deal of books worth it, with the notable exception of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables series. I LOVE these books & Anne Shirley is a forever friend. Every stage of life brings me back to that sacred ground in Prince Edward Island (which Oakie & I visited on our first anniversary).

2. What book are you most proud of finishing?

100% Les Misérables. It was long & laborious, but also remarkable & worth every bit of its literary stature.

3. What are some of your hobbies aside from reading?

Writing this blog, baking & anything crafty. From watercolor to sewing, I love a good project that I can then give away or display in my own home!

4. What is your favorite read (so far) of 2018? Least favorite?

Favorite read so far is Sally Clarkson’s Mission of Motherhood. Both of her books that I’ve read so far are phenomenal & she has so many more that I want to read. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for solid spiritual wisdom on living your life to the fullest.

Least favorite: Swamplandia. I know, I know. A lot of people love this book, but it just…didn’t do it for me. I’m willing to say that it could’ve been the stage of life I was in when I read it (36 weeks pregnant), buuuutttt, I just honestly didn’t enjoy it.

5. Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks all the way. I have bookmarks that I’ve had for YEARS. They always remind me of a season of life I was in when I got them. That being said, not all my bookmarks are made for that purpose. One of my faves is a receipt from Hiro’s Pie Factory–our favorite bakery in Japan. I’m getting it laminated next week so I don’t destroy it with all the shuffling from book to book.

6. Who are your read-everything-they-ever-wrote favorite authors?

Ummmm…this is going to be disappointing. No one. I don’t have an author that I follow that closely. I mean…I like Dan Brown (sue me). I’ve read almost all of his books with the exception of three (that I know of). If you were to ask me that question about any entertainment celeb, my answer would be no one EXCEPT Taylor Swift about whom I can confidently say that I’ve heard every single thing she’s ever put out there. Otherwise, woof. I’m not dedicated enough. There, I said it. *shrugs shoulders*


And that concludes our little update on Baby Oz turned Cinco. I’m so glad you stopped in. I often wish this were happening over a hot cup of coffee or tea with a candle lit on the table so I could then ask you for YOUR life update. I definitely will, next time I see you.

Until then…

the osbornes

17 thoughts on “It’s As Easy as 1, 2…4!

  1. Oh Caroline. Your witty blog posts always make my everlovin’ day. And those monthly photos are making me cry. They’re just so, so sweet and they grow up so, so fast.

    And the answers to my questions did not disappoint. With the exception that you don’t have an author you love enough to follow. (What?!) I am super jealous of your trip to PEI. That’s on my life bucket list. And what a FANTASTIC idea to get your Hiro’s receipt laminated!


  2. Caroline, am so happy to hear about your two darlings! Also to see their pictures. I am like you, I love to bake! I would rather bake than cook!! Can’t wait to see you all the next time you come back to Winter Haven! God Bless all of you. Pray for you all daily.


  3. You are such a gifted writer! You made my day with your witty stories and beautiful pictures of your precious children! God is good! So happy for you!


  4. I couldn’t comment on the post itself, (technology! ) but, lovelovelove as usual. YOU are one of my favorite writers and I want to be like you when I grow up😊

    On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 12:59 PM Big World :: Small Girl wrote:

    > carolineeosborne posted: “Welcome to the Blue Chair Series, Pt. 2! Here > you will find adorable monthly progress photos of little Cinco’s > life…except for month 3 because we are fighting the hard battles over > here & WE’RE NOT ALWAYS WINNING. Sometimes napping & toddlers a” >


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