Well, she’s done it again. She’s gotten older & cuter at the same time.
She has two bottom teeth & the top two are breaking through!


Do y’all need a flashback? Because I kinda do…


Is this even the same BABY?!

And yes, busted, navy blue is a theme here AND I AM NOT ASHAMED. My children will wear fun & festive colors, but they will also wear a lot of navy blue. This will not make them sad. This will make them aware of the value of accent colors. This is science.

Things are getting ever so slightly warmer on this side of the world & those little cherry blossom buds are teasing me on my morning jogs. Come on, little guys! Make like Nike & just do it.

*Nike is a sponsored affiliate of this blog.
** No it isn’t.

Our adoption process is moving, but we have been informed that there are some unexpected delays which have pushed our re-entry timeline back. We hope to spend the majority of the spring/early summer in the states, but we really won’t know till we’re there. The good news is spring in Japan is glorious & I am SO excited that we get another one.

To all the concerned parties, I am tripping Skye every time she looks like she’s about to start walking so DON’T WORRY.

To all the parties that weren’t concerned until they read the last sentence, I’m kidding…basically.

God is good & we are grateful.
Love from Japan.

7 thoughts on “9 Months!

  1. Love your little nine month old. Like your mom said quit tripping that baby. Also praying for resolution to the delays, and that you’ll soon be Back in the USA. My speak to text capitalize the B in back too lazy to change it.


  2. THAT SMILE THOUGH! Looks like she has another tooth about to cut through on the bottom, too.
    And I love you, Mama Beth, but KEEP TRIPPING HER! Her first steps need to be to Auntie Hannah in the airport upon arrival! 😉

    P.S. Reference to Nike: hilarious.
    P.P.S. Reference to parties concerned: gold.


  3. i’m gonna go the other way on that too. trip that baby as much as you need to. (fist bumping Hannah).

    nike plug: perfect.

    get back here.


  4. So precious! So looking forward to meeting this little charmer! Praying for delays to be removed! Love you all.

    P.S. I am tripping Mallory #allthetime #notreally #butshebetternotcrossme #theygrowtoofast



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