For those of you that get that reference, lay off on the lottery playing, fools.

MOVING ON: I just downloaded approximately 47 million photos off of Facebook in my year-end harvest of anything valuable I wanted to take with me. Part of me cringed at the photos I chose to post to the world–however small I thought it was when Facebook first started–but part of me thanked Past Caroline for diligently documenting her little life because seeing those old pictures of Theresa, Sarah Ann, Mary Lou, Jess, Joe, Katie & Ben was priceless. & now they’re all downloaded to my computer.

(prime blackmailing material available, fair price, inquire within)

The boxes are packed & we’re moving to Analog Land where you can best reach us by phone, email or smoke signal. Or letters…seriously. & of course this little corner of the web.

Where, by the way, I’ll be sharing monthly photos like THESE from now on:

You can always join by entering your email in the Follow box or keeping in touch in more interactive ways.

For what is a world without friends with whom to share it?

If you’re far away, share it with us here.
& if you’re ever close enough, come share it over dinner & a game of Yahtzee; we play every night.

10 thoughts on “Today is the day…play responsibly!

  1. She gets more precious with every picture I see! Hurry home please! And have you thought about my idea of the Skyecam?😊


  2. Just can’t wait to hug y’all and play a game of Yahtzee. Be safe and hurry back to the USA.
    GrommyTrina is excited to meet and love on Skye!


  3. JJ and I love and miss you. So sorry we won’t be able to steal pics from you on Facebook anymore. 🙂
    What’s this I read about Alabama???


    1. I love & miss y’all too. SO MUCH.
      Turns out, we’re headed to Dothan, AL (Ft. Rucker) in Feb-Mar for flight school for Oakie (who’s becoming a pilot!!). Hopefully we’re good for a couple years stateside before the next adventure 🙂


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