Two weeks ago we got a phone call.
Phone calls have a way don’t they?
A way of changing your life forever.
You never know what you’re saying hello to.
We certainly didn’t.

We were asked one question:
If time weren’t an issue, if everything could be wrapped up by the end of year, would the two of you be open to adopting right now?

It was asked this way, because we’d thought about it; we’d prayed about it. The timing had been an issue before. We just didn’t have two years post-adoption to spend in Japan. We had seen the door close & we had made peace with the sweet window-view we got of others’ adoptions.

But then, you see, we got this phone call. We had 48 hours to decide what our answer would be. 48 hours to make a call on a re-opened door.
We said, “Yes.”
We walked right through.

Guys, I’m introducing you to our daughter, Skye Elizabeth Osborne.
I am doing this because we are adopting her.
We heard about her 2 weeks ago.
We met her & her birth parents 3 days ago.
We brought her home with us today.

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Every adoption story is unique & in that way they’re all alike.
Ours is no exception.
By God’s grace & the obedience of His people, she came straight to our door. She couldn’t knock for herself, but by the grace of God, someone knocked for her. We never opened our door to a cuter person. Sorry to all the cute people we’ve opened our door for…but come on:

We’ll never be able to fully explain how all of this happened this fast & in this way, but we know the One who can & we are just happy to be included in part of His plan. We are full of joy to give Skye Elizabeth Osborne a forever home & absolutely humbled that we get to be the ones to do that.

Praise to the One from Whom comes “every good gift and every perfect gift […], coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” James 1:17

He knew it all along, but we never saw her coming out of the clear blue Skye.

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P.S. All amazing photo creds go to our sweet friend, Rachele Huonker-Frickey! Thank you so much!!


18 thoughts on “Forecast: Sunny With A Clear Blue Skye

  1. Caroline and Oakie,
    Hayden and I are so excited for you and to see God answer your prayer in such an amazing way! Skye is gorgeous and just the cutest thing ever! We’re planning and hoping to adopt one day (maybe soon….who knows? That’s part of what we’re asking God about) and to see how God directed giving you Skye has just brought me to tears and grown my faith! Congratulations!


  2. Sweet Caroline I would give anything to have seen this ” happen ” for you . You will do a wonderful job of making Skye’s adoption demonstrate our adoption in the kingdom . The story sounds … Well …. Let’s just say familiar! You two are the perfect parents ordained by God for her .. Prayers for the three of you as you enter this new season of life mommy !


  3. I am sooooo excited for you all!!! I cannot wait to meet little Skye and hold her. Much love to you guys.


  4. I’m so amazed! Yes God is Great! Congratulations! …and may God bless your brand new family member!!!


  5. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Congratulations! We are very happy for you three!


  6. Congratulations, she is precious. I can’t wait to see her in person. I bet Beth & Paul are over the moon.much love to ya’ll.💕


  7. Trevor, Aly, & I are so very happy for you guys. She is a beautiful gift from God & you will be amazing parents.


  8. Congratulations, this could not happen to a more beautiful couple! Praise the Lord for all three of you! Love you.


  9. caroline,everyone here adores skye & of course her gingo does.did you get Natalie,s note yesterday to send
    the the blog to her address & she can get pictures for me. ibought a frame for a 5×7 oval to hang with the
    other 12.natalie can’t wait to hold her. gingo


  10. This is a fantastic story. I was so glad to get to meet her yesterday. I wish the best to the 3 of you. Larry Clements


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