Thanks to a society that prioritizes obeying the rules, there are places like the Fuji Safari Park in Japan where you can actually hand-feed lion & tigers & bears (say it with me now: OH MY!). There used to be places like this in American zoos but kids these days…this is why we can’t have nice things, AMERICA.

ANYWAY, I digress. We got to feed fruit to bears & meat to lions & thanks to my current re-reading  of The Chronicles of Narnia, the feeling of the lion’s breath on my face when it ROARED SIX INCHES AWAY FROM ME was accompanied by equal amounts terror/screaming & awe/wonder. And by equal parts, I mean all the terror/screaming & a dash of awe/wonder once we were far, far away.

Easter is not a holiday that most Japanese celebrate, which in a way is really nice because CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THE CRAZINESS THAT IS PUBLIX THE WEEK BEFORE EASTER?!
I shopped for Easter dinner ingredients on SATURDAY and all 12 of us at the commissary & Japanese grocery stores had plenty of room for our carts. #winning

This Easter was necessarily different for us because we’re, ya know, six thousand nine hundred & sixty two miles away from Columbus, GA & seven thousand two hundred & eighty seven from Winter Haven, FL making the trek impossible on a two-day weekend. So it was our first Easter just the two of us. Our pioneer Easter. But you know about pioneers, right? They simply never travel alone. And we didn’t either.

Our Easter was full of other pioneers, some of whom are home in Japan & some of whom are in the same transitory boat as us & it was beautiful.

First, my friend Ms. Judy (who has told me to just call her Judy, BUT I CANNOT DO IT), invited me to a cookie decorating class. I’d never done this before, but oh my goodness I’m now saving up to open up my own cookie bakery. It was the most fun I’ve had where food colouring was involved.



*all photos of me with the cookies were taken by Oakie who would hereby like his photography to be known as PhotOAKraphy.

*this is not true. He is not even home right now. I made this up. But he did do a stellar job on those photos.

Secondly, every year on Easter, our church has their service in Kinuta Park, Tokyo, but this was the first year that it’s lined up perfectly with the cherry blossoms bloom, so we praised Jesus in Japanese & English under the blossoms and the blue sky.

And then we had a picnic. I don’t know if some of you had ever had an Osborne picnic, but we PIC.NIC. Mostly this is especially thanks to one of my all-time favourite Christmas gifts ever: Our Picnic Backpack. This is exactly what it sounds like. A backpack with everything you need for a picnic: pretty plates, silverware, cups & cloth napkins, salt & pepper shakers, a cutting board & cheese knife and of course a blanket. Hannah & Cody, three years in & we’re STILL loving it.



We ended the day with an Easter dinner at our friends, the Thitte’s, home; complete with ham, asparagus, squash casserole, a killer asian salad, mac & cheese with Easter noodles, a chocolate cake (with homemade icing-GO ALLIE!) and lemon meringue pie. It was more then we deserved and better than I could have imagined.IMG_4999

Plus, I cracked the second twin-egg I’ve seen since we moved to Japan…so there’s that.IMG_6136

Jesus died to give us something of so much greater value than all the things I’ve written about: A restored relationship with the God of the universe, victory over death, hope for the future, adoption into the family of the Most High King.

& then He gave us all these things beside.
He is a good, good Father.
Happy Easter! He is Risen!
Bonus Video: The Unexpected Letter



11 thoughts on “Fuji Safari Park & Easter in Japan

  1. This post contains my new favorite picture of you two. I am practically jumping out of my skin in excited anticipation of BEING THERE WITH YOU!!!!


  2. Hi Caroline! You left me smiling all the way through this. Love the pics and esp of the cookies. You have a knack and if you did open up your own cookie shop you’re decorated cookies would be a hit anywhere. With your husband on the publicity side of the house……his photo shoot was awesome… you’d both be set for success. You can call me Ms Judy……that really made me laugh!:):)


  3. First of all, your long hair game is on POINT.

    Second of all, I agree with Mom: I love that photo of you guys that’s underneath the photo of the cutting board with the cheese on it. #modelshot

    Third of all, your blog works perfect on Cody’s computer so the problem WAS just my ancient laptop and I’m just going to use Cody’s laptop from now on because leaving comments this way is waaaaaay easier than trying to iPhone it.

    Fourth of all, PICNIC BACKPACK FOR THE WIN! It makes me really happy that you guys love it and use it. And that you gave us a shoutout on your blog.

    Fifth of all, there was a park in South Africa where you could feed lion and tiger cubs, but I never went. #becauseridinganelephantwasmoreimportanttome #whichihearyouaregoingtodointhailand #youaregoingtoloveit #iwishiwascomingtoo

    Sixth of all, I leave comments that are inappropriately long. Oh well.

    Seventh of all, your post on guilt was beautiful and I’ve had several ladies at church talk to me about it and one of them even printed it out. Thought you’d like to know.

    Eighth of all, I love you and miss you. (And I had to google how to spell eighth.)


    1. EIGHTH?!?!?!?!
      You’re hilarious.
      I miss you.
      Come to Japan. They have cruises here too & obviously it’s past time for our annual cruise…
      Thank you for telling me about the encouragement others received from my blog. That blesses me.
      ELEPHANT RIDESSSS. #cannotwait


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